Using Member Greets Feature

Using Member Greets Feature

App Menu Icon:  

Purpose:   Find member to anonymously chat with about a particular topic.

When you choose the     icon, the Greets feature will load.

Below is a typical screenshot of the feature.

The Red pin means the person isn't available to chat at the moment.  The Green pin means they are. 

You are only allowed to chat on the topic selected prior to going into the Greets as that is what the person is available to chat about.  You can be reported if you want to go off topic.  Too many times going off topic will ban your account.

This feature is meant to be a quick way for members to get help on a particular topic in real time based on the location they presently are located and search distance chosen.

It's useful if you are in an area that is unfamiliar.  You can ask someone in the area about restaurants, shopping or museums in real time. 

Everyone is anonymous.  So, never give out any personal information about yourself.   Drop the chat if someone wants personal information.  It isn't needed to give you useful information on the selected topics the feature allows.

Whether on the road or at home you can be a useful adviser to others or get help from useful advisers.